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Fig. 7

From: HIF1/2-exerted control over glycolytic gene expression is not functionally relevant for glycolysis in human leukemic stem/progenitor cells

Fig. 7

Loss of HIF signaling does not impair leukemia development in vivo. a K562 wt, HIF1, HIF2, and ARNT (n = 5) knockout cells were injected into sublethally irradiated NSG mice (n = 5 per group) and leukemia development was monitored. No significant differences in overall survival were observed. b Tumors (wt n = 2, HIF1 n = 2, HIF2 n = 4, gARNT n = 2) were harvested from leukemic mice and were subjected to 1D 1H-NMR analyses in order to quantify intracellular metabolite levels

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