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Fig. 5

From: Metabolomics of oncogene-specific metabolic reprogramming during breast cancer

Fig. 5

Metabolic comparison of PyMT vs. PyMT-DB tumors. PyMT-DB has increased glycolytic flux and more glycogen breakdown, as well as reduced inflammation, according to the metabolomics results. a Super pathway distributions of significantly up/downregulated metabolites in PyMT-DB tumors compared to PyMT tumors. Increases in energy, carbohydrate, amino acid, and lipid metabolism are apparent in PyMT-DB tumors, as is the decrease in peptide metabolites. b Starch/glycogen metabolism is significantly increased in PyMT-DB tumors compared to PyMT tumors. c Glutathione metabolism is altered in PyMT-DB compared to PyMT, with higher glutathione levels and lower γ-glutamyl cycle intermediates. d Eicosanoid levels are lower in PyMT-DB vs. PyMT. *P < 0.05, Welch’s t test. Statistical comparisons were made between PyMT-DB and every other sample group

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