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Fig. 1 | Cancer & Metabolism

Fig. 1

From: Metabolic clusters of breast cancer in relation to gene- and protein expression subtypes

Fig. 1

Metabolic subtyping of breast cancer tissue samples using HCA. a The HR MAS MRS spectra for 228 samples was clustered using Euclidean distance and Wards linkage as similarity measure which separated the samples into three metabolic clusters (Mc); Mc1, Mc2, and Mc3. b Mean spectra for the three metabolic clusters. β-Glc β-glucose, Asc ascorbate, Lac lactate, Tyr tyrosine, Cr creatine, mI myoinositol, Gly glycine, Tau taurine, sI scylloinositol, GPC glycerophosphocholine, PCho phosphocholine, Cho choline, Gsh glutathione, Gln glutamine, Succ succinate, Glu glutamate, Ace acetate, Ala alanine. Grey bars indicate removed spectral regions (containing lipid peaks)

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