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Table 3 Description of the connection networks generated from the proteins identified as differentially expressed between MCF7Ecadvar and MCF7pcDNA3 cells. Results obtained with the IPA tool

From: Characterization of the molecular changes associated with the overexpression of a novel epithelial cadherin splice variant mRNA in a breast cancer model using proteomics and bioinformatics approaches: identification of changes in cell metabolism and an increased expression of lactate dehydrogenase B

Network Molecules in the network Score Molecules involved Top diseases and functions
1 ACTA2, ACTB, AIP, C8orf44-SGK3, CRABP2, ESR1, GLIPR2, GORASP2, GP9, GP1BA, GPI, GRB2, HIST1H2BC, HNRNPH1, HSD17B4, HSP90AA1, HSP90AB1, HSPA9, HSPA1A, HSPA1B, IRS4, LMNB1, LMNA, NISCH, PIK3R1, PDIA3, REV1, RPS2, SLC6A4, STIP1, TUBA1B, VCP, VIM, YWHAQ, YWHAZ 31 16 Connective tissue disorders, developmental disorder, hematological disease
2 AGTR1, ALDOA, APRT, AXL, AZGP1, SRC, CCND1, CLIC1, CTNNB1, EEF2, EGFR, EGLN1, ERBB2, ERP29, FBP1, FGF7, HIF1A, HNRNPF, HNRNPH1, HPRT1, KDM4B, LDHB, LMNA, LOXL2, MAPK1, MMP7, NCOA3, OGT, PRDX2, PRDX6, PSMA6, PSMB3, SMARCA4, WIPF1, YWHAZ 31 16 Cardiovascular system development and function, organismal development, cancer
3 AKR1B1, AKT1, ANXA4, APP, ATP13A2, BAG6, BCL2, BIRC3, CARM1, CDKN1A, CLCA2, CSE1L, CST3, CTSD, CUL4B, ESRRG, G6PD, IDE, LBR, ME1, MEMO1, MYC, NME1, NME2, PGAM1, PKG, PRL, S100A11, SMYD3, SOD1, SRSF3, STRAP, TP53, TPI1, UBA1 19 11 Cellular development, cellular growth and proliferation, free radical scavenging
4 GPD2, TNF 2 1 Molecular transport, nucleic acid metabolism, small molecule biochemistry
  1. List of the networks ordered in a descending form according to the score assigned to each of them. The symbol of molecules involved in each of the four networks, the number of molecules among the 50 identified with differential expression levels between MCF7Ecadvar and MCF7pcDNA that were part of each network (in bold in the second column), as well as top diseases and functions associated to each one, are also indicated in the table.