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Fig. 2

From: Exercise inhibits tumor growth and central carbon metabolism in patient-derived xenograft models of colorectal cancer

Fig. 2

Tumors from exercised mice exhibit globally altered metabolic profiles compared to tumors from control mice. a Volcano plot comparing fold changes for metabolites between control and exercise groups across the six CRC PDX models. There were 47 significantly altered metabolites (p < 0.05, paired Student’s t test). b Heat map of significantly altered metabolites between exercise and control groups in the six CRC PDX models. The significantly altered metabolites are displayed using unsupervised hierarchal clustering. c Corresponding impacted pathways as determined by the list of 47 significantly altered metabolites. dg Key metabolic pathways broken down by individual metabolites. Error bars are representative of standard error of mean (SEM); * indicates p < 0.05, paired Student’s t test

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