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Fig. 1

From: Exercise inhibits tumor growth and central carbon metabolism in patient-derived xenograft models of colorectal cancer

Fig. 1

The effect of exercise on tumor growth in six different CRC PDX models. All CRC PDX were randomized into control and exercise treatment groups, with body weight and tumor size measured two or three times per week once treatment began. N = (number of mice used in this group) in each PDX models (af). Significance for tumor size difference at the endpoint between control and exercise groups in each PDX model was determined by unpaired Student’s t test (* indicates p < 0.05) (ac) CRC240, BRPC12–146 and CRC361 had no response to exercise treatment (D-F), while CRC282, CRC370 and CRC344 had a significant response to exercise treatment with a decrease in tumor growth (all p < 0.05, unpaired Student’s t test)

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