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Fig. 2

From: Metabolomics of oncogene-specific metabolic reprogramming during breast cancer

Fig. 2

Metabolites supporting rapid growth are increased in tumors. Box and whisker plots of key metabolites of energy pathways and major catabolism/anabolism pathways in normal mammary tissue and tumors of transgenic mice. y-axis: scaled intensity of metabolites by mass spectrometry. Cross: mean value; center line: median; box lines: upper/lower quartile values; extended line: upper/lower extreme values; circles: outliers. a Glycolysis and TCA cycle intermediate levels are higher in all tumor groups compared to control, consistent with higher energy flux in rapid-growing tumors. b Amino acid metabolites are upregulated in all tumors compared to control. c Lipid and nucleotide pathway metabolites have higher levels in tumors, consistent with the need for more building blocks in rapid-growing tumors. *P < 0.05, Welch’s t test

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