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Table 1 Effect of CR on serum metabolites

From: Starving cancer from the outside and inside: separate and combined effects of calorie restriction and autophagy inhibition on Ras-driven tumors

Metabolite % of control serum P value after pFDR correction
Glucose 42.0 5.5E−08
Lysine 47.2 2.4E−07
Lactate 50.8 3.1E−07
Alanine 52.0 5.53E−08
Pyruvate 57.3 5.6E−06
Tyrosine 57.7 1.07E−06
Fumarate 60.4 0.008
2-Oxoglutarate 61.9 0.023
Ornithine 66.1 0.018
Acetoacetate 842.2 4.1E−04
3-Hydroxybutyrate 500.2 4.1E−04
Urea 164.8 0.004
Acetone 152.8 0.017
  1. Values represent the average serum concentration change (as percent change in serum from CR mice relative to control-fed mice) of the identified, statistically significant metabolites (Fig. 4c), based on p values after positive false discovery rate (pFDR) correction <0.05