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Table 1 Overview of drugs, currently in clinical development

From: Novel drugs that target the metabolic reprogramming in renal cell cancer

Drug Target Clinical stage RCC
2DG Glucose Phase 2 n.a.
Lonidamine HK Phase 2 Negative
Dichloroacetate (DCA) PDK Phase 3 n.a.
Polyphenon E LDH-A Phase 1 n.a.
FK866 GAPDH Phase 1 n.a.
AT-101 LDH-A Phase 2 n.a.
PEG-ADI Arginase 1 Phase 3 n.a.
Indoximod LAT1 Phase 2 n.a.
Acivicin Glutamine Phase 2 Negative
6-Diazo-5-oxo-l-norleucine (DON) Glutamine Phase 2 n.a.
Orlistat FASN Phase 1 n.a.
Metformin GPDH Phase 3 n.a.
NVP-BEZ235 PI3K/mTOR Phase 2 n.a.
GDC-0980 (apitolisib) PI3K/mTOR Phase 2 n.a.
SF1126 PI3K Phase 1 n.a.
BYL719 P110a Phase 2 n.a.
MLN1117 P110a Phase 2 n.a.
AZD8186 p110β Phase 1 n.a.
GSK2636771 p110β Phase 2 n.a.
SAR260301 p110β Phase 1 n.a.
Perifosine Akt Phase 2 Negative
MK-2206 Akt Phase 2 n.a.
GSK690693 Akt Phase 1 n.a.
GDC-0068 Akt Phase 2 n.a.
BEZ235 PI3K/mTOR Phase 2 n.a.
XL765 PI3K/mTOR Phase 1 n.a.
GDC0890 PI3K/mTOR Phase 2 n.a.
GSK1059615 PI3K/mTOR Phase 1 n.a.
AZD8055 mTORC1/2 Phase 1 n.a.
AZD2014 mTORC1/2 Phase 2 Negative