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Fig. 3 | Cancer & Metabolism

Fig. 3

From: Metabolic clusters of breast cancer in relation to gene- and protein expression subtypes

Fig. 3

Main differences between metabolic subtypes. a Metabolic cluster label from HCA with Euclidean distance and Wards linkage of HR MAS MR spectra of samples. The samples clustered in three groups called Mc1, Mc2, and Mc3. b Fold change in expression levels of (1) scylloinositol, (2) GPC, (3) PCho, (4) creatine, (5) ascorbate, (6) taurine, (7) GSH, (8) tyrosine, (9) lactate, (10) glutamate, (11) succinate, (12) glutamine, (13) glycine, (14) alanine, (15) choline, (16) myoinositol, (17) acetate, and (18) glucose. Blue regions in the heat map represent decreased levels while red levels represent increased metabolite levels. c PAM50-subtypes. d RPPA-subtype. e Gene expression levels (quantile normalized, log2-transformed) for the 277 overlapping significant genes (SAM, adjusted p < 0.01) between Mc1 and Mc3. The genes have been clustered

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