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Table 2 Imaging and neurological findings

From: Treatment of glioma patients with ketogenic diets: report of two cases treated with an IRB-approved energy-restricted ketogenic diet protocol and review of the literature

  Imaging Neurological
Pt no. Pre ERKD Post ERKD Pre ERKD Post ERKD
1 Rt. post cerebral mass Extension of Rt. post cerebral mass Lt. sided visual field defect, wide based gait, ↓analytical mental skills Lt. sided visual field defect, difficulty walking, unable to work as engineer, ↑blindness, dementia
2 Lt. post cerebral mass New mass Lt frontal medial lobe Rt. visual field defect, ↓analytical and administrative skills Rt. visual field defect, intermittent tunnel vision, ↓analytical and administrative skills
3 Extensive involvement entire spinal chord No change in MRI scan. FDG uptake decreased by 21% ↓Body wt, failure to thrive, ↓motor skills ↑Skill development, gait, mobility, speech, hand coordination, could stand and sit and walk with walker
4 Stable cerebellar tumor by CT FDG uptake ↓21% ↑Headaches, ↓balance, ↓coordination Unknown
5 Multi-centric: Rt. temporal pole, frontal operculum, insular lobe, post putamen MRI negative, Pet negative Progressive memory loss, headaches, ↓vision, Lt. sided facial and arm weakness Karnoski 100%
No neuro deficits
6 MRI thalamic and hypothalamic mass 15% ↓tumor by MRI ↓Vision, hypothalamic obesity, ↓stamina, ↓pituitary function ↑Vision, ↓hypothalamic obesity, ↑stamina, ↑pituitary function
7 Lt. parietal enhancing mass CT-PET, tumor necrosis ↓Word finding, ↑confusion, blurred vision Continued working and exercising
  1. FDG, floro-deoxy-glucose.