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Table 1 Selected rapamycin-sensitive metabolites identified by nanostructure-initiator mass spectrometry (NIMS)

From: Monitoring metabolic responses to chemotherapy in single cells and tumors using nanostructure-initiator mass spectrometry (NIMS) imaging

Metabolite Metabolite median fold change P-value
Tigylglycine 3.4 0.0112
N-acetyl-glutamic acid 10 0.0331
Uridine monophosphate 2.0 0.0021
Isobutyrylcarnitine 2.3 0.0368
Stearic acid 4.7 0.0893
D-glucose 2.3 0.0713
  1. Raji cells were treated with Rapamycin or vehicle for 60 minutes as described in Materials and Methods, then divided into matching aliquots for NIMS analysis. Metabolites with unambiguous MS/MS fragmentation patterns that represent disparate metabolic pathways were also quantified and compared to reference standards via LC-MS/MS, and are shown here.